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Potential safety and security breaches are encountered daily by those working in an industrial work environment. From heavy-duty machinery, extreme temperatures, vandalism or theft, the dangers that can arise are endless. To ensure the safety workers in such conditions, it is essential to have a comprehensive and dependable communications and security system. Jacques offers an Integrated IP communications system featuring intercom and public address which provides reliable and flexible communications in even the harshest environments.


From mining sites to defense or factories, the Jacques Integrated IP Communications System is highly effective and can be customised to suit any specific requirements in order to ensure maximum safety and security for all individuals on site.


Monitoring for any intruders and maintaining secured areas within the defence work environment is a vital aspect and can be safely and easily implemented through access and bollard intercoms. These allow access to authorised persons to secured areas, gates, doors and social areas. Communicating to all on site regarding any announcements, emergencies or alarms is simple and user-friendly with Jacques Public Address system. The safety within the defence is further advanced with full integration of access control, CCTV and building and security management.



Miners risk their safety every day facing the dangers of harsh environments and heavy-duty machinery. A simple accident can rapidly become an extreme emergency thus increasing the importance to access immediate help. With Jacques integrated audio and video intercom system, mine site management can rest assured with entrance intercoms, bollard intercoms, explosion proof intercoms, Public Address (PA) and integration of third party access control systems, CCTV cameras and building and security management systems.



Ability for multi sites to be controlled from a central management center. Sites can be linked via Wide Area Network (WAN) and also feature distributed networks for ultimate reliability.


Jacques IP communication systems integrate via high level interface to a large number of industry recognised partners. Integration with building and security, CCTV, telephony and access control systems ensure a complete security solution.


Intercom terminals are built to withstand harsh environments and include bollard/access intercoms made of stainless steel and explosion proof telephones.


IP PA system provides reliable sound quality, alert signals, evacuation signals and verbal address ensuring orderly evacuation and information notification to the entire site.


SIP gateway allowing for intercom calls to be automatically transferred to external telephone systems or devices after hours ensuring calls for help and assistance are always answered.


Configurable relay modules exist on intercom terminals to activate external equipment – control doors, boom gates, lights or signal CCTV camera presets.


Ensuring the security of goods and machinery is made simple with vandal and weather resistant intercoms which provide protection against intruders and manage access to secure areas, gates or doors for authorised persons. The security for employees is further advanced with the opportunity to make announcements, emergency warnings or alerts to the entire facility through the Public Address system.

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