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Everybody has the right to education. Education is not just restricted to learning maths or English but provides students and human beings with the ability to develop meaningful outlooks on life. It is vital that throughout school and university, individuals are able to focus on learning and teaching in a safe, carefree environment. To ensure the safety, security and peace of mind of students, teachers, visitors and loved ones, it is essential for a comprehensive security communications system to be in place.


Jacques offers an Integrated IP Intercom and Public Address System which provides options suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities.  Jacques’ systems feature user-friendly communication devices, full integration with third party systems and visual monitoring capabilities for maximum security. After recent tragedies surrounding schools and universities, security has become a common concern amongst society. Remove that extra stress from students, teachers and loved ones and enable a positive learning environment with Jacques’ comprehensive Integrated IP audio and video intercom and Public Address system.


Jacques’ IP communication systems provide universities and TAFEs with an integrated security management solution, incorporating intercoms, help point and public address systems. The system offers direct voice and/or video communication with campus security for help and assistance from various help points and intercom stations located throughout a campus. From emergency broadcasts to evacuation announcements, tertiary campus central control have the ability to communicate to the entire, or selected parts of campus through an advanced PA system.



Jacques supplies an IP communication system which can be customised to meet the specific needs of each school. Through the PA system, school admin is able to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements, warning alarms or tones, music and schedule school bells. Furthermore, PA announcements can be broadcast to one, multiple or all PA zones, meaning each announcement can be specifically broadcast to a single or multiple buildings, classrooms or outdoor sports areas. Add a series of class room intercom terminals and access intercom terminals at key administration areas for a complete safe school solution.


Integration of video and/or audio intercom communication with CCTV heightens security for staff and students on campus at all times. Should an incident occur, video and audio recording facilitated by the system can provide critical information to authorities.


The system offers direct voice and/or video communication with campus security for help and assistance from various help points and intercom stations located throughout a campus. Simplified one button calling ensures help and assistance is always close by.


Create small, large or multi-site communication systems. Our system allows for virtually an unlimited number of intercom, help point or public address endpoints to be connected, integrated and managed.


Configurable relay modules exist on intercom terminals to activate external equipment – control doors, boom gates, lights or signal CCTV camera presets.


When the noise level in a classroom reaches above a predefined point, a notification will be triggered on the PC master station, alerting school administration. This allows the principal and teachers to develop a behaviour management plan and identify corrective measures.


The PA system offers PA zoning, meaning a school can create a PA zone for each classroom, social area, office and sports area. Reception administration can then easily broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements or tones to one, multiple or all PA zones.

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