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In the health industry mistakes can cost lives. This puts emphasis on the necessity for exceptional communication between staff, patients and departments. Jacques provides departments in the health industry with comprehensive communication systems which are customisable to meet specific requirements. The system provides a wide variety of convenient and integrative security features, all of which ensure the safety and security of staff, patients and visitors. Jacques’ communications systems are suitable for hospitals, aged care facilities and laboratories, with benefits such as cross-site communication and user friendly devices.


Jacques communications system offers audio and video intercoms, lift and fire stair intercoms, public address (PA) systems, clean room, car park and boom gate intercoms and help point units. Additionally, the system offers comprehensive integration with CCTV, digital telephone systems, access control, emergency evacuation and warning alarms and building and security management systems. With the high availability package software and a secondary controller ensuring redundancy, the system will continue to operate smoothly in the event of a software or hardware failure in the primary controller.


Hospitals encompass many departments across a vast area. Each department, including car parks, admissions, emergency, theatre and patient care, can all be connected through audio and video intercoms, clean room intercoms, public address and third party CCTV cameras. The entire system is managed from one or multiple central locations, providing visitors, patients and staff with easy access to help and assistance with the simple push of a button.



The demand on Aged Care facilities continues to increase as our population ages. Quality of care provided by aged care facilities can be enhanced by the use of a communication system that provides safety and peace of mind for the elderly and their carers.


User-friendly audio and video intercoms allow access control to secured areas or out of hours access with the simple push of a button. The elderly can feel secure with full communication to carers, security or emergency services through the use of intercoms in easy to access locations. Communication through intercoms is guaranteed 24 hours a day as calls can be directed to a central location on site or remote locations.


Jacques IP communication systems integrate via high level interface to a large number of industry recognised partners. Integration with building and security, CCTV, telephony and access control systems ensure a complete security solution.


Intercom terminals for specific environments – clean room intercoms for theatres, help point units for car parks and video entrance stations for building entrances.


Third party IP CCTV camera streams can be selected & viewed on demand and in real time via the video monitor station meaning nurses can see who is requesting entrance to their wards at all times.


Receive image snapshot of caller to video monitor station if call from entrance station is unanswered.


SIP gateway between the IP video intercom system & SIP enabled systems/devices including IP telephony systems such as Avaya & Cisco or individual SIP devices.


Configurable relay modules exist on intercom terminals to activate external equipment – control doors, boom gates, lights or signal CCTV camera presets.


Patient care in the healthcare sector heavily relies on laboratories for accurate and timely patient information and test results. Through Jacques video and audio intercoms, clean room intercoms, Public address and CCTV camera integration, staff are able to gain access to laboratories through a pin entry system or through remote door activation once ID has been displayed to the intercom video camera.

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